Network TV’s Finest

Ahhhh, nothing says Fall better than sipping a cup of warm cider while lounging on the couch feeling the cool breeze from the open windows and watching the newest crop of network tv!  At the start of each season, I go through each network’s list of new shows to pick my Fall TV Viewing Schedule.  It seems my Schedule is very full at the beginning and quickly diminishes to a few survivors.  This is what’s on my Schedule for this year.

Revolution (NBC):

I loved the Hunger Games trilogy and a young girl in a post-apocalyptic world wielding  bow and arrows seems like execs are trying to reach out to me.  I’m game!  We’ll see if it can feed my Katniss addiction.

Ben and Kate (FOX):

Who loves quirky???  I do!  I do!  Give me a quirky character that’s easy to love and I’m smitten.  Ben seems to fit the quirky bit and alongside him is his sister trying to live life as a single mom to an adorable smart girl.

Go On (NBC):

And speaking of quirky…  I like crazies too.  So a whole show promised with lots of crazies is sure to entertain.  Plus, Matthew Perry?  I’ll watch it!

The Mindy Project (FOX):

I’m not interested in medical dramas but a comedy?  I can get into that, especially when it involves a good mix of characters.  Mindy seems intelligent but socially awkward and that can make for some good tv.

Guys with Kids (NBC):

Um, Jimmy Fallon writes this so it’s got to be funny.  Plus, I’m sure it will be full of humorous familial situations.  I always appreciate that as can be seen by another tv pick!

The Neighbors (ABC):

I do like some science fiction/fantasy themes so The Neighbors got on my list!  I am looking forward to see what these aliens are like.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS):

Geeky meets funny meets quirky and crazy.  This is one of my return favorites!  I love the sarcasm and the smartypants antics.  It even has a dragged out quest for love.  I won’t miss it!

Up All Night (NBC):

Another return from last season!  This show has proven itself a great source of funniness and I’m excited to see what else they’ll bring for this run.

Grimm (NBC):

This is my guilty pleasure from last season.  I’m a sucker for fantasy and Grimm helps fulfill my need of mystical creatures.  It also has one of my favorite characters, Monroe!

Made in Jersey (CBS):

A street smart woman finding her way in a big city lawyer firm.  She’s not a black pantsuit type of gal and she’s not afraid to speak up.  I think I’ll enjoy watching it!

Once Upon a Time (ABC):

Yep, another fantasy.  🙂  It’s back this season and though it’s even a little too cheesy for me at times, the acting is good enough to make the characters and story line compelling.  And that Regina is easy to hate!

Now I know a lot of these shows already premiered this past week, but I’m good at missing them.  If I’m ever watching tv while my children are awake, it’s usually Wild Kratts or Thomas & Friends.  Or my hubby is watching something boring to fall asleep to and I just cannot interrupt that.  Hulu is my best friend during these times.  So what is on your Fall TV Viewing Schedule?


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