Fall TV Update

There are some spoilers so don’t read if you don’t want to ruin a surprise!

Warning!  Warning!  There are a few new fall shows that will suck the life out of you!

Life is short.  And watching bad tv even if it’s only 30 minutes long is wasting precious time.  I’m here to help a little.  If you look back at this post, there was a list of shows I was testing out.  Let me share what has changed in the past two weeks…

Revolution (NBC):

This was almost instantly cut from my viewing list.  If it wasn’t for my husband, I would have never seen it again.  The acting is remedial.  The main supposed Katniss-like character is a whiny girl who keeps screwing up.  She’s very annoying.  Then, the writers throw in some grotesque violence.  Some things are best left to the imagination but this show doesn’t believe in that method.  I think the only reason my husband tunes in is to complain about how bad the show is.  So if you need to waste some time to make fun of a fictional show, then watch it.  Otherwise, leave your late Monday nights open.

Ben and Kate (FOX):

I’m still keeping this show.  It is funny and endearing.  Plus, the characters are well-developed.  You can’t help but love the main characters and the other characters are interesting too.  Definitely a feel-good type of show!

Go On (NBC):

Keeping this one for sure!  Each show has been great at balancing the comedy and drama-esque situation.  Tons of quirky characters and it’s entertaining to laugh at them.  Ryan, Matthew Perry’s character, is sarcastic which fits me very well.  😉    Great acting and stories.

The Mindy Project (FOX):

Mindy is great to watch.  She’s easy to love and goes about solving her problems the wrong way but in comedic fashion.  The writing is fantastic and the actors are up for the job to produce some funny characters.  Add to your list!

Guys with Kids (NBC):

I really wanted this show to work out but…  it hasn’t been able to live up to my expectations. The jokes and situations could be funny but the delivery is seriously lacking.  It’s like all the actors were told to put in lots of unnatural pauses at the end of a joke to allow for laughing.  I guess the lack of chemistry between the actors is to blame.  It’s just off and it’s off my list.

The Neighbors (ABC):

This show has surprised me in a good way!  I have a gnawing feeling that it will become one of the shows I like that gets cancelled but I think you should give it a chance.  If you find the supernatural entertaining, then tune in!  It has great situational comedy and it’s fun to learn more about the alien neighbors.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS):

There’s a good reason why this show is on it’s 6th season.  If you haven’t ever watched it, then you must give it a try.  Unless you hate comedy.

Up All Night (NBC):

I was shocked that the writer’s cancelled the Ava show for the second season.  On top of that, they introduced a new significant character- Reagan’s brother, Scott.  Plus, Raegan and Chris switched parental roles.  Reagan is staying home while Chris works.  I think that changing the whole dynamics should have been saved for a third season but in spite of my opinion, the writing and acting is spot on so I can’t complain… much.  😉

Grimm (NBC):

Grimm has also gone through a mini-makeover of sorts and I’m disappointed.  Last year Grimm was more of a twist on classic fairy tales with more emphasis on the characters’ developing relationships.  This year it has been downgraded to more of a super violent, dark tale with snippets of character building.  Just watch the new opening credits and you will instantly understand the take they’re going with the show.  I will give it another episode or two just because I love Monroe’s character and if Grimm gives more time back to the characters, then I’ll continue to watch.

Made in Jersey (CBS):

This show is okay but not great.  It is an hour long show and parts of it are entertaining and parts of it are too contrived to be believable.  I don’t think I’m going to watch it on a regular basis but it’s pleasant enough to tune in if you have nothing to do on a Friday night.

Once Upon a Time (ABC):

Another show that’s gone topsy-turvy!  With this show it works, since breaking the spell was the mission of the first season.  The story telling is still great this time and we’re taken on a journey with the characters as they figure out their new world.  Good fantasy!

So what shows are you tuning out?


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