Pretty Polish: Orly Androgynie

Weird name.  Unique polish.

In theory, it’s awesome but in practice, it’s a nightmare.  Perfect for Halloween!  😉

Orly Androgynie has a black base with fine gold glitter and a splattering of fine holo glitter too but what makes it really unique are the larger multicolored hex glitters.  I see blue, green and copper.

The problem with this pretty is that the black base covers up the large hexes.  It’s ok if you only use 1 coat of polish but that means you have to layer Androgynie over another polish since 1 coat looks uneven.  I used Orly Liquid Vinyl, a basic black creme.

There’s something else too…  The glitter sinks in the bottle and it’s hard to mix it up so then you end up with little to none of the large hexes on your nails.  I applied 1 coat and then fished for hexes to apply them to the nails that didn’t have any or very many.  I had to be careful because if I went over a hex that was already there, it got covered up.  The experience was very sad for a polish junkie like me.  😦  I’ve finally decided to give up on this pretty and offer it up for swap on one of my favorite websites,

Mani Info:

Base coat- Orly Nailtrition

2 coats- Orly Liquid Vinyl

1.5 coats- Orly Androgynie

Top coat- Poshe Super Fast Drying


2 thoughts on “Pretty Polish: Orly Androgynie

  1. I have on green glitter polish that one of my girls left at home. >The students think I am very Halloweeny with that and my bat earrings.

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