TV Worth Watching

So the Fall Season is over and the Spring Season has started.  The only shows that I keep watching are…

Go On (NBC):

Nothing too deep but this is great sitcom comedy.  I can see that the characters could get old if the writers keep story lines repetitive.  I think that’s the big conundrum with writing TV.  You don’t want to change things up too much but you don’t want stagnant predictable episodes.

The Mindy Project (FOX):

Mindy is still awesome to watch.  You get invested in her life which changes from glamorous to dreadfully awkward to hopeful.  And she is completely hilarious!

The Neighbors (ABC):

I don’t feel as urgent to catch up on this as I do the other shows because I’m not as emotionally connected to the characters.  But once I start watching, I wonder why I stay away so long!  It is quirky comedy at its best.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS):

It’s still awesome.  If you’ve never watched it, you really must.  Enough said.

Downton Abbey (PBS):

This show hasn’t been in my posts because the 3rd season just started in January.  This show is definitely not for everyone but it is beautifully written and the acting is superb.  It is about an aristocratic family and their servants drama.  Ohhhhh and there IS drama.  You won’t get much laughs from this one but the stories are so compelling, you easily get sucked into their post World War 1 lives.  My husband would want me to warn you that they’re British and will speak in (what I think is a beautiful) accent.  If you still have something against the mother country, than you don’t want to watch it- though you may connect with Branson’s views.

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