Oscar Spectacles

So you may have watched the entire show or not at all.  I personally only caught the last half after the boys were tucked in their beds, but it does seem like I watched the best part!  There was plenty of craziness to gush for…

First and foremost, Kristen Stewart hobbling on stage .   Did she really just skip off stage after presenting?  Or was she masking the hopping that seemed to be the only thing that could move her across the floor?  Luckily, she wasn’t drunk but had cut her foot.  Unluckily, no one knows that so she just looks drunk (though she still looked drugged up, pain meds possibly?).  Her hair color was a mess too which wasn’t helped by the fact that she kept flipping it over in different ways.  Or is it a bad brunette to red ombre?  Someone please touch up her roots!  Yikes.

Was it just me or was Catherine Zeta Jones performing a just-off-enough-that-you-can-tell-I’m-lip-syncing?  I don’t feel too bad for her though, I wish I look like her when I’m 43!

Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way to accept the Oscar for best leading actress… and made it look stunning.  I do not doubt her talent.

Did anyone else catch Kristin Chenoweth (hopefully) accidentally degrading Adele on the red carpet pre-show?  Look at me, I’m super petite!  And you look so enormous beside me!  Ha ha ha ha.  Let me take off my shoes to embarrass you even more!  Ha ha ha ha ha.  You can watch a video of the interview here.  I don’t think Adele will be accepting any requests from Kristin to visit backstage for a long time.

Lady Obama is so cool she even gets to present Oscars via satellite.  I was hoping she was going to dougie but she kept it classy.

Let me end with if I never hear of Seth MacFarlane again, I would be totally ok with that.  Cue Jaws music.

What were your favorite parts?


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