Influenster Fresca Voxbox: Pure Silk

One of these days I will have to tell you all about Influenster. It’s one of the awesome things I’ve discovered on the internet. For now, let it suffice that Influenster sends people a box of goodies to test and give honest reviews. If you’re interested in signing up for this free program, click here. That’s a referral link where they add 5 points to my Impact Score (that’s what they primarily use to determine who gets boxes).

So I got the Fresca Voxbox and I imagine it’s because I’m Hispanic, thus the fresca (Spanish for fresh). One of the products they sent me for my honest opinion was Pure Silk’s Shave Cream in Raspberry Mist.


The Product: It was definitely a really thick and heavy cream that was easy to dispense and smooth
on. It actually felt too thick for my tastes as I’m used to my very favorite Kiss My Face Moisture Shave which is more of a lotion texture. I tried to use less Pure Silk product so it wouldn’t be so thick but then it would completely fall off my leg with a small amount of stray water from the shower. I successfully shaved without cutting myself but before I finished my shower, I could tell that my legs were irritated and dry. It doesn’t really surprise me because I have sensitive skin but I was hoping that Pure Silk would prove me wrong.

The Scent: Definitely raspberry. I love fruity scents and I especially love raspberry so the scent was a total win for me. I don’t detect any other scent notes in this. It’s just straight raspberry yumminess to me!

The Verdict: This product is not for me but I can see it working for those without sensitive skin that like raspberry scents. You can buy it at any mass retailers in store and online and the full 8 oz size goes for an average of $2.50.


Pretty Polish: Deborah Lippmann P.Y.T.

With a new year comes a feeling of a fresh start and I can’t think of a better polish for a new me than fresh-looking Deborah Lippmann’s P.Y.T.

Deborah Lippmann makes some pretty sweet polishes.  She usually has an awesome formula and comes up with some unique looks that others quickly copy.  P.Y.T. means pretty young thing (which I wish I was) and is named after a Michael Jackson song.  I’ve been coveting this shade for a while and finally scored it on a random sale on for only $6.  With shipping.  Soooooo sweet considering her polishes without shipping usually cost $16-18!  Now this polish is considered a jelly and for those not familiar with the underground nail world, jelly refers to the type of finish.  Jellies are sheer and super shiny and can require lots of coats depending on the look you’re going for.

Here are my almost bare nails.  All I have on is my base coat.  Do you see the awful crack in my thumb nail?  Forever ago I burned my thumb at the cuticle and it damaged my nail.  I’m scared of when it grows out to the tip.  It will be so yucky!!  The good thing is that it burned off my excess cuticle and it looked really nice.   🙂   You can make jellies more opaque by using another polish underneath (called undies!)  and the best undies are nude.

Here is one coat of P.Y.T.  I used undies on my thumb to show you the difference and to cover up my ugly thumb nail.  On my other fingers, you can barely tell I have anything on!  If you want to use undies, paint your nails with a nude cream polish and let it dry.  I used 2 coats of OPI Samoan Sand.  Then paint the jelly polish on top.

Second coat added.  Now you can tell I have polish on.  My thumb nail with undies looks opaque (goodbye ugly!) but the rest still show a lot of free edge.  So I slapped on another coat.

And perfection achieved!  The thumb didn’t need a third coat and I can’t see much of a difference between coat 2 and 3.  You can still see a bit of the free edge on the other nails but this is how a jelly is supposed to look.  I really love the look of this peachy coral color!

Mani Info:

Base coat- Orly Nailtrition

Thumb undies- OPI Samoan Sand

Polish- Deborah Lippmann P.Y.T.

Top coat- Poshe Super Fast Drying

My Faves: Shower Edition

I’ve already shared my Holy Grail shampoo and conditioner here.  Now I want to share some other favorite products that I use!

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash truly lives up to its claim of being moisturizing.  During the summer, I don’t have to worry about using lotion unless I have time to indulge myself.  During the winter, I sometimes need to use lotion but if I’m in a rush to calm a screaming toddler and skip out on the lotion, then my skin doesn’t feel deprived for about 3 showers.  I’ve bought this multiple times and I’ve given it away in baby shower gifts (great for new moms to cut down their beauty routine!).  I’ve tried the generic versions and they don’t live up to the original in my opinion.  Also, the generic ones kinda smell like a weird plastic.  No likey.  This is a newer version.  The original didn’t include nutrium moisture but I don’t notice a difference honestly.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave really helps with the maddening red bumps I used to get from shaving.  My skin is sensitive and likes to react in horrible ways when it’s irritated.  So rubbing a blade down my leg to scrape off hair and dead skin is ultimately irritating for my skin.  I used to just live with the ingrown hair bumps (shudder!) and itchiness and whatnot until I realized that shaving doesn’t have to be that way while reading one of my life changing websites,  Many people liked Moisture Shave and it came in one of my favorite scents, lavender.  After using it for a couple weeks, I noticed that my skin wasn’t irritated as badly when shaving.  If you don’t like lavender, they have other scents and an unscented one.  I’ve tried the pomegranate grapefruit scent and I don’t care for it.  It smells slightly fruity and not unappealing, I just prefer my herbal lavender.  The Moisture Shave is not like your regular shaving gel that foams out of an aerosol can.  It is a medium consistency lotion that you smooth on and shave like usual.  If you get irritated skin, you must try it!

These two products I will always have in my shower along with my Giovanni hair stuff.  What shower stuff do you love?

Pretty Polish: Orly Androgynie

Weird name.  Unique polish.

In theory, it’s awesome but in practice, it’s a nightmare.  Perfect for Halloween!  😉

Orly Androgynie has a black base with fine gold glitter and a splattering of fine holo glitter too but what makes it really unique are the larger multicolored hex glitters.  I see blue, green and copper.

The problem with this pretty is that the black base covers up the large hexes.  It’s ok if you only use 1 coat of polish but that means you have to layer Androgynie over another polish since 1 coat looks uneven.  I used Orly Liquid Vinyl, a basic black creme.

There’s something else too…  The glitter sinks in the bottle and it’s hard to mix it up so then you end up with little to none of the large hexes on your nails.  I applied 1 coat and then fished for hexes to apply them to the nails that didn’t have any or very many.  I had to be careful because if I went over a hex that was already there, it got covered up.  The experience was very sad for a polish junkie like me.  😦  I’ve finally decided to give up on this pretty and offer it up for swap on one of my favorite websites,

Mani Info:

Base coat- Orly Nailtrition

2 coats- Orly Liquid Vinyl

1.5 coats- Orly Androgynie

Top coat- Poshe Super Fast Drying