Pretty Polish: Christmas Mani

Wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous Christmas!  If you’re still not in the Christmas spirit after seeing my nails (I wouldn’t be surprised…), then watch these great videos or read this.

Mani Info:

Base coat- Orly Nailtrition

2 coats- Orly Lucky Duck

Dots- China Glaze Vertical Rush

Top coat- Poshe Super Fast Drying


A Season of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is over.

Black Friday madness has already begun.

And I can’t help but wonder if with all the distractions of gorging ourselves on turkey and pie and then disturbing our natural sleep patterns to fight for discounted stuff is the right way to celebrate this special time of year…

I’m not opposed to eating or shopping.  I actually like both of them and participate when I can but I do not like how distracted we all can get from the frenzy of it all.  I’m a victim of it too.

 This Thanksgiving I cooked all day while I shooed my kids out of the kitchen until the hubby took them out on a hike until nap time.  It was nice to not have the stress of trying to baste a turkey while holding back tiny hands from the oven or mashing potatoes one handed with a toddler on my hip but… on a day of thanksgiving, aren’t I most thankful for my family?  And if that’s what I’m most grateful for (it is), then why push them away when I should show them how important they are to me by spending real time with them?  So I can have 3 dozen homemade rolls to serve?  Even when they are the best rolls ever?

Later, I found myself engrossed by the Black Friday ads and Facebook updates plotting a grand shopping scheme.  Again, ignoring the precious opportunity to show my love for my family.  And if I get up before the sun peeks over the horizon to grab the one thing I supposedly need to have, will that mean I won’t have energy to spend time with them during normal waking hours?

Is it really worth it?  For just a thing?

No, probably not.

I am always battling to strike a sort of balance between things I need to do and things I want to do and I expect that I’m not the only one.  As the Christmas season starts, I want to remember to not get distracted by the pretty things of this world because they are just things… and definitely things I can do without.  But my family is something that won’t always be there.  My 2 yr old won’t always want to play choo choo with me.  My 7 yr old won’t always want to discuss his new treasure hunt club.

We have no guarantee that things will be the same tomorrow.  In just the past 3 months, we have felt the effect of 3 tragic deaths of loved ones to those who are close to us.  None were old and decrepit.  All were young vibrant people with their own families.  In an instant, there was no tomorrow for their families and friends.

I know I don’t want to just say I’m thankful, I want to show I’m thankful by my actions.

Learn more about my beliefs here.