My Faves: Giovanni Shampoo & Conditioner

I may not know how to successfully touch up my dyed roots but I have unearthed my HG (holy grail) shampoo and conditioner combination.

Introducing Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and Smooth as Silk Conditioner!

For a while, I was going to the local Paul Mitchell school to get my hair cut.  One of the students used their Tea Tree Special products on me.  Why, I don’t know cause as a curly haired person I would think they would try a smoothing or moisturizing line but it did turn me on to the tingling scalp sensation.  It’s wonderful!!!

A bit of background…  I do have an oily scalp which can lead to some weird and unwanted flakiness with the wrong products.  Add my frizzy, curly hair texture (which needs really good moisture) to the mix and it complicates things.  With really moisturizing products, it can exaggerate my oiliness at my roots.  I don’t like.  😦  Another thing I don’t like is that dirty hair feeling.  I feel like I have an inch of gunk sitting on top of my head with some products I’ve tried in the past.

I was a bit obsessed with the squeaky clean, tingling scalp feeling.  I did some minimal research and found that Paul Mitchell makes a moisturizing tea tree line with lavender.  I was blinded by my infatuation and used it for a while but realized I didn’t like how it performed.  So I did more research…

I wanted something that had no sulfates since I dye my hair now.  (Sulfates suck the life out of a dye job.)  So I got turned on to different “natural” product lines when I stumbled across Giovanni.  Great reviews were found and I decided to test it out.  The Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo gave me the coveted squeaky clean, tingling scalp feeling.  Check!  The Smooth as Silk conditioner instantly made my hair feel softer and, dare I say, silkier strands than I’ve ever had.  Double check!  I think this is true love…  le sigh!

I don’t think I shampoo my hair any differently than anyone else so no details on that.  I do want to note that since this is a no sulfate shampoo, it doesn’t get as bubbly lathery as regular ones do.  It does lather up, just not as much as you may be used to.  My hair is getting super long so I concentrate the conditioner on my ends and run any remaining product through the rest of my hair.  Don’t rinse yet!  I leave it in until I’m done showering.  Then, I rinse only my scalp for 2 seconds (yes, I count) and squeeze the water out of my hair.  This way, I keep my scalp from premature greasies but the curls get moisturized.

You can find Giovanni at any superstore/drugstore place with the other “natural” lines like Burt’s Bees.  Not next to Suave.  You won’t find it there.  It is a little more expensive than regular shampoos but I go for value with beauty products not just cost.  Buuuuuut I’ll let you in on a little secret…  Marshalls.  Or TJ Maxx and the like.  There, you can find 32 ounce bottles for about $12.99 which makes it a bit more than half-price per ounce from regular retail.  Booyah!  Of course, these types of stores don’t carry the same items all the time so you have to have some luck on your side.  I usually don’t have much luck but the beauty gods smiled down upon me on one random visit.  Hopefully, the same will happen to you!

Have you found your HG shampoo and conditioner?


Hairy Problems

Most of the tips I hold dear comes from experience.  Sometimes painful experience.  This is one of them.  Do not attempt to dye your own hair in the dark or when you’re half-asleep.  Especially don’t do it when both conditions exist.  Just don’t.

Trust me.

I am now a humble owner of hair that looks… um, more interesting than I had originally planned.

It all started with a week of toddler tantrums, fights between brothers, lots of whining and an overworked husband.  Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  This is a normal week in my home.  🙂  But for some reason I needed more of a break to decompress and it just wasn’t happening.  And those stray grey hairs taunting me in the mirror didn’t help.  I really planned on dying my hair weeks earlier but alas, my applicator bottle went missing.  I completely blame that on the grumpy toddler.

Well, one bright day I actually found the bottle under a pile of toys and I thought to myself.  Today is the day!  I can finally cover my hair with chemicals in an attempt to pretend I’m younger!  As the day went on, I concocted a glorious plan.  Not only was I going to dye my hair,  I was going to pamper myself.  I was going to take… a bath.  Gasp!  A mother of young children just lying in a hot bath not doing anything?!  She would have to wait until after bedtime!  Yep, you’re right.  Which leads into one of the no-no’s of dying hair.  I was EXHAUSTED!!

If you’re so tired you actually consider going straight to bed after the kids are definitely not getting up, then you should just go to bed instead of dying your hair.  But I needed that bath.  It wasn’t just scrubbing myself clean.  It was about taking some precious moments to really enjoy relaxing.  So I set up the scene.  Started filling the tub with hot water.  Tuned my smartphone to my Pandora Coldplay station.  Turned off the lights except for one in my closet to set some great mood lighting for relaxation.  Grabbed a body scrub, a box of tissues (cause of course I’ve had the gunk for weeks) and a glass of water.  I was set.

I start to dye my hair while the tub was still filling.  I just needed to retouch my roots so it went quickly.  Got in the tub and I was feeling great.  Nice music, hot water and I”m finally getting my hair done.  It was so nice!  For the last 5 minutes, I put in the rest of my dye on the rest of my hair to refresh like the box instructed and then rinsed.  Feeling wholly rejuvenated, I didn’t really think much about how my hair looked.  I slept good that night.

The next day with my hair dry, it slowly dawned on me that something was off.  I don’t have much time during a day as sole parent to 3 boys to stare at myself in the mirror but every time I happened across my reflection I thought, what is wrong with my hair?!  I still wasn’t too worried.  We have horrible lighting in the bathrooms.  Then the hubby came home (said nothing about my hair) and I got ready to go to a church conference.  I finally had time to examine what I had done. Of course, this is in the final moments before going out to see lots of people I know…  There was definitely something wrong with my hair.  Where there was new growth, there was this strange reddish brown color.  The rest of my hair was patches of a mixture of colors: medium brown, slightly lighter brown with “warm” tones and the same strange red color as my roots.  Inside, I was mortified.  Outside, I was like, reverse ombre is hip, right?

NOT what my hair looks like

Fixing my hair will require money and skill of which, I sadly have neither apparently.  After a couple days I realized that only a professional would really be able to tell what a mess I’ve done in my dark bathroom while half asleep.  I think to the lay person my hair just looks obviously dyed, which is not what I was going for.  I prefer to look “naturally” beautiful.  😉  Of course, you can avoid all the pain if you just dye your hair while fully awake in a well-lit room…

PS:  Of course there are no pictures of my hair.  Is it because it really looks awful or cause I couldn’t get a decent picture of the damage I inflicted?  Hmm…