You Know: You Have a 2 Yr Old When . . .

You start to lose random important things like one dress shoe or a new pair of sunglasses or the cap to your chapstick.

You instruct everyone to just give him what he wants so there is one less melt-down.

You find yourself speaking in no more than two word conversations.  Eat?  Drink?  Change diaper.  Help please?  Come here.  No no!

You have to retrieve things from the toilet at least once a week.

You find cereal in your file folders in your filing cabinet.

No one can understand what he says except for “Elmo” and “snack”.

You wait until nap time to shower, make phone calls, pay bills, do anything involving writing instruments, scissors or anything else you don’t want spilled or strewed all over the house.

You get disappointed when he figures out how to open doors.

You don’t have to look further than your lap to find someone to cuddle with.

His cuteness makes you forget for a few moments what a bugger he can be.